Flask Tutorial

It’s also both practical and hands-on enough to get through without getting bored. This example is a great starting point for building more complex Flask applications with additional routes, templates, and functionality. Now, let’s delve into the concepts of routing, views, passing variables, rendering templates using Jinja2, and styling apps in the context of Flask.

Remember, troubleshooting is a normal part of the development process. When you encounter an issue, take a step back and analyze the problem. Check your code, review the documentation, and don’t hesitate to seek help from the community.

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Then, you define two routes, one as the home view and the other as the about view. Each of them returns a string to indicate on which page you are on. After importing Blueprint, you create an instance of it named bp. You’ll use this name to identify this particular blueprint in your Flask project.

Flask Framework for Python Developers Lessons

Flask uses third party libraries (or modules) to provide common features used in many projects. To check the installation, we can open the python CLI and import flask. If the module is properly installed, we should see no errors after import. This section contains a few open-source UI-Ready starters already coded with a basic set of modules, helpers and deployment scrips. In the next section, you’ll leverage template inheritance to add consistent styling to your web project. By providing default content inside the content block in line 13, you either display the No messages hint or show the content of the child template.


The course starts with a Python crash course, which makes it ideal for people who are new to Python or learning Python. Once you have got a hold of Python, you start exploring Flask for building professional REST APIs with Python. You will learn about different Flask extensions flask developer like Flask-RESTful and Flask-SQLAlchemy and others to create a web application with very little code. You will also learn about essential tools like Git and Heroku and crucial concepts like REST APIs. The framework is the basis upon which software programs are built.

You’ll use this later when you import pages into __init__.py. If you are also tired of watching videos and skipping through lectures, you should try text-based courses from Educative. You can either purchase this course, or you can buy an Educative subscription to access all of their class with a monthly fee of $22, which is a reasonable ask. Btw, you will need a Pluralsight membership to access this course.

Deploying an Application with Heroku

The cursor object is closed, and the results of the query are passed as the context variable entry for rendering with the template. Go to your terminal (Linux or macOS) or Command Prompt (Windows). It’s the language that browsers and servers use to communicate. Understanding HTTP is essential for web development in Python, and Flask makes it easy to handle HTTP requests and responses.

It’s designed to be a micro-framework, meaning it’s lightweight and simple. It doesn’t come with some of the features of larger frameworks like Django. However, its simplicity and flexibility make it a great choice for many projects.

Table of Content – Flask Tutorial

We’ll start with the fundamentals, explaining what Flask is and how it works. Then, we’ll gradually delve into more advanced topics, showing you how to leverage Flask’s features to build robust web applications. The Flask application is started by calling the run() function.

Flask Framework for Python Developers Lessons

The database is automatically created and we just need to register a new user and log in. For more open-source admin dashboards please access the AppSeed platform. The source code is published under the MIT license on Github (no account required to use the code). This article aims to help beginners to accommodate with Flask, the popular web framework written in Python.

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